My New Corsair Graphite 600T Computer Case

In Computer by Mark A. Barros

Very happy with the Corsair Graphite 600T computer case. Good build quality and very easy to maintain. Here are some pictures and a video discussing what I like about this …

Geek Out! Build Your Own Arduino Portal Turret

In Arduino by Mark A. Barros

If you too have always wanted your very own Portal turret and love DIY electronic projects as much as I do then this build is for you. I have included all the Arduino code, parts, external references and libraries so you can have yours up and running as quickly as possible.

The Mad Hermit’s Guide to Home Movie and Picture Backups

In Computer by Mark A. Barros

Are your digital pictures, home movies and computer data one catastrophe away from being lost forever? Do you have a backup plan that assures online, offline and offsite copies of your most important files are made regularly? In this installment I share my process for creating regular backups that help me sleep at night.